How to Effectively Handle Negative Online Reviews [INFOGRAPHIC]

Talitha Loftus
Talitha Loftus
Marketing Manager

Every retailer will receive some bad reviews - you simply can’t please everyone. But, how you choose to deal with them will determine whether they’re an asset or not.

Reviews reveal what shoppers really think of your product or service, the shopper and customer experience, and, of course, any other issues that might not otherwise be immediately obvious to you. But, whether you receive reviews that are well-deserved or unfairly given is slightly beside the point; rather, it’s about how well you handle them that is what really matters.

Responding to both negative and positive reviews can be difficult. Sometimes they can be downright cruel or far too fake. However, you can’t let your emotions dictate what you’re going to write in your response, especially when it comes to negative ones. 

To help keep your cool and maintain a good brand reputation, take a look at the infographic, “8 Types of Online Reviewers and How to Handle Them,” created by Fundera and Siege Media, to see how you can better deal with the most common types of negative reviewers in a way that can help, not hurt, your retail business. You’ll also find some interesting statistics on what the most popular review websites are in 2019, and how online reviews can play a critical role in driving sales. 

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