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How to Embrace Omnichannel & Online Selling

Patrick Foster
Patrick Foster
Guest Contributor

Today’s shoppers take shopping journeys that bounce from online channels to physical stores and back, and the retail brand that can deliver a seamless, cross-channel shopping experience has a definitive competitive advantage.

Physical retailing can benefit from an online arm – whether that is your website, a mobile app, a third party site, or your own ecommerce store. Physical retailing might be your ‘hub’ but how can you use

the spoke a little better? Here is how to embrace omnichannel and online selling – be where your customers are.

Survey the field & use data insights

Not sure where you should invest next? Have a look around you and delve into your own data for retail insights.

Brand consistency & clever planning

Having more than one channel is about brand consistency. Think about the bigger picture – don’t let one channel fall behind in innovation. Plan for events across all channels, not just the one right in front of you.

Make sure offers & deals match up

There’s nothing worse than customers finding a deal online saying they can come claim a free gift in-store, only to come in-store and have the staff know nothing about it.

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Add value to a specific channel

It’s important to add value to a customer shopping in a specific channel, as well as provide a great brand experience.

Collect customer data & serve effectively

Remove barriers between channels to offer a more seamless and consistent service anchored in customer data.

Bring it together on social

Social media is where customers find your brand no matter how and where they are buying.

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Explore your options & try before you buy

Not embracing digital yet? There are plenty of ways you can get started.

I hope you’ve got some ideas on how to manage omnichannel selling and how digital can add value to your retail business. Are you tempted to take the digital plunge? Tell us what you think is the best thing about omnichannel retail below.

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