How to Write a Press Release for Your Retail Business

Silvia Woolard
Guest Contributor

Straight-forward, concise and factual press releases are not only fairly easy to create and distribute, they can also generate a lot of “buzz,” driving shoppers to your brand and impacting your retail performance.

What is a press release? That’s a common question business owners have. They know they have to engage in online marketing, but they rarely consider press releases to be part of it.

A press release is a publication originating from a company and directed at the news media. You launch a press release when you have something important to announce, such as the opening of a new store, the launch of a new product or an app, or any kind of special event that might trigger the interest of your intended audience.

Does a retail business need a press release?

Let’s look at it this way: a well-written press release is liable to draw tons of attention, and that attention will drive shoppers to your brand and undoubtedly increase sales. Just think about it: you’re about to launch a spring collection in your store, so you want everyone to know about it. You share the info through a press release, so bloggers and online publications can inform their audiences about the launch. That’s a nice way to get attention, don’t you think?

Apple, for example, has its very own Newsroom. There, the company shares press releases whenever they have something important to announce. In a matter of seconds, the news media and all niche blogs report on that matter. That’s the main point of a press release – to provide relevant information for everyone who wants to share it.

When you’re trying to promote a small business, however, a press release won’t typically get much traction. But hey, even if you’re not getting the attention Apple gets, your press release will at least show up in Google results whenever someone is searching for information on your business. When done properly, a press release will certainly deliver benefits for your brand.

How to Write a Good Press Release for a Retail Business

1 – Choose a Newsworthy Event as Your Topic

Since you want the information from your press release to be shared by news media, you have to give them something newsworthy. Here are few topics that would work:

  • Launching new products or improving existing ones
  • Opening a new store
  • Launching an e-Commerce site
  • Initiating a contest
  • Offering rewards with each purchase
  • Collaborating with an influencer
  • Announcing a merger
  • Engaging in charitable and community causes
  • Changing your policies

2 – Mind Your Style

Remember: the press release is not a blog post. It must not have any fillers. So, forget the “salesy” approach that you usually use for social media. You’re not writing this for your audience; the intention of a press release is to reach out to news agencies and bloggers. Here, you just present the dry facts, so you won’t waste the time of reporters.

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3 – Write a Great Headline

Your press release’s headline has to be very strong. As reporters from news agencies go through press releases, they can’t pay attention to every single one of them. But when they are attracted by a clear, punchy headline, they will be inclined to see what the press release is about.

Your headline has to be descriptive. If you check out the titles from Apple’s press releases, you’ll see they are not clickbaits.

  • Apple Entrepreneur Camp kicks off as app developer earnings hit the new record
  • Apple marks Heart Month in February
  • Letter from Tim Cook to Apple investors

You see? The whole essence of the press release is captured in a simple, descriptive headline. Don’t treat press release headlines like blog headlines. Just say what the release is about! Here are a few examples:

  • Spring Collection Hitting X Stores on May 21
  • 50% Off for Everyone Buying in X Stores This Weekend
  • X Announces Collaboration with Fashion Brand Zara

4 – Maintain Proper Structure

In addition to the headline, you’ll need to pay attention to all other elements of a press release:

  • Subheading – this is a single sentence that summarizes the theme of your press release (e.g.; “5th and 6th of May are happy days at X stores; everyone gets 50% off”)
  • Opening paragraph – it says something about your company and explains why this event is important for the audience. For example, you can write how long your brand has been on the market and what types of products it provides.
  • Body – it provides more details about the particular event. What products will be included in the discount offer? How many products can the buyers choose from? Can they buy online, too?
  • Conclusion – it summarizes the info and calls to action. You simply invite people to check out your offer.

Press releases are not rocket science. They are actually pretty easy to write. You just need to follow the standards and present the facts.

About the writer: Silvia Woolard is a freelance writer and novice entrepreneur from Phoenix. She also reviews best essay writing services and works in a field of popular psychology and marketing. In her free time, she loves to travel around the globe. Follow Silvia on Twitter!

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