In-Store Personalization: Retailers Find Their Competitive Edge

Maria Fernandez Guajardo
Maria Fernandez Guajardo
Head of Products

Join the webinar on Tuesday, Feb 25 at 11am PST to learn how to reach shoppers with relevant and personalized content when they’re closest to the brand: while in the store.

While personalization is the latest buzzword in brick-and-mortar retail today, the truth is opt-in features and in-store analytics are enabling retailers to complete a once-unseen picture of customer shopping behaviors, and reach customers in a personalized manner. We’ve learned from e-commerce that addressing customers in a way that’s timely and relevant to them increases their loyalty and engagement with the brand. With today’s technological advancements in the mobile space, personalization in brick-and-mortar stores is becoming a common reality.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the challenges that retailers face in understanding and reaching their in-store customers—with the right message, about the right products, and at the right time. We’ll then explain how the RetailNext platform can be used to gather key information about those customers and target them in a way that feels relevant and personalized. Finally, along with Silverpop, a leader in marketing automation, we’ll explore use cases in reaching shoppers with relevant content when they’re closest to the brand: while in the store.

RetailNext VP Shelley E. Kohan said it best in her blog post 5 Most Fascinating Retail Trends in 2014, “What we can convey to retailers is this: customers don’t want to be tracked by any retailers, but they do want to be understood by their favorite retailers.”

Find out more on Tuesday, February 25th from 11:00am to 12:00pm PST during the webinar, “In-Store Personalization: Retailers Find Their Competitive Edge,” where you will learn:

  • Which relevant data can be collected from in store to get a 360º view of the customer
  • In which ways the experience of shoppers can be personalized to increase engagement
  • An example of how Silverpop and RetailNext solutions were applied to a personalization program

Be sure to register for the webinar. We look forward to seeing you!