[INFOGRAPHIC] Halloween’s Tricks & Treats for Retailers

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Director, Marketing

Halloween is an event that celebrates creativity and fun, and retailers can get in on the fun too, turning potential seasonal tricks into well-deserved treats, just in time to ring in the holidays.

For a single-day event, Halloween is big business. Sure, it’s not Mother’s Day big, but at a projected $8.4 billion dollar spend this year, it’s big enough to momentarily warrant retailers’ attention just prior to going all in for the holiday season.

Halloween is not just costumes and candy either, although, make no mistake, those are the biggest categories. Halloween, as an event, is about fun, and retailers can take advantage not only by offering fun and creative products for their clients, but for providing fun and creative shopping environments and experiences.

So, before breaking out the red and green for the holiday season, look to go all black and orange for the days leading up to Halloween. In the infographic below, The Shelf shows how retailers can avoid the tricks and reap the treats with a few well-place Halloween preparations.

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Courtesy of: The Shelf