[INFOGRAPHIC] In-Store Shopper Marketing

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Guest Contributor

Each and every shopper visit is an opportunity for stores, and in-store marketing efforts are critical to delivering optimal shopping experiences and store performance.

In retail marketing, there’s often a tendency to look at store traffic as a barometer of marketing program effectiveness. But, too many times, it stops there, at the door, and that is a mistake.

Store traffic – otherwise better known as “shoppers” – represents opportunity for each and everyWoman shopper at window store operator. Shoppers are empowered with so much product/service information and an almost unlimited number of online shopping alternatives, and as such, when they do venture out to brick-and-mortar retail, they have a very strong intent to buy. RetailNext’s monthly Retail Performance Pulse regularly shows that with upward trends in Conversion, Average Transaction Value (ATV) and Sales per Shopper (SpS). 

So, stores should be thankful as soon as a shopper enters the door. But, in many ways, that’s where the marketing effort really begins, particularly with mobile devices being shoppers’ “tour guide” through the store. Check out the new infographic from Exponential Solutions (The CUBE) Marketing, below, and get insights on everything from music to mobile, and more.

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In-Store Shopper Marketing infographic