[INFOGRAPHIC] How m-Commerce is Changing Shopping

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Director, Marketing

There are more mobile devices on the planet than people, and they’re used for shopping with an ever-increasing frequency, creating not only new shopping trends, but a whole new kind of retailing.

Mobile devices are nearly ubiquitous – in 2014, the number of mobile devices outnumbered the On phone with bags over shoulderworld’s population. Even more than sheer number of devices, usage is growing – according to Cisco, the average smartphone usage grew 45 percent in 2014, with over 800 MB of traffic per smartphone, per month.

Of course, one of the most popular – and exponentially growing – use cases of mobile devices is the great American pastime … shopping.

Online e-Commerce shopping was the most disruptive innovation ever to affect the retail industry. Now, mobile commerce, or m-Commerce, is threatening to add a new wrinkle of disruption as the long-promised multi-channel, omnichannel shopping experience finally comes to fruition.

The infographic below, created by Snap Parcel, shows how the ubiquity of mobile devices and their ease of use has led to the development of new consumer shopping trends.

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