[INFOGRAPHIC] Optimizing the Path to Purchase

Alex Salai
Alex Salai
Marketing & Social Media Specialist

Collaborating with Intel and its Responsive Retail Platform, RetailNext now delivers the solutions needed to provide retailers a 360-degree view of in-store shopper behavior.

In the good old days, it was a retailer’s job to tell consumers exactly what they wanted. Today, with the convenience and personalization of e-commerce, customer expectations are set much higher and retailers are just trying to keep up. Brick-and-mortar stores need to innovatively upgrade the customer experience, and comprehensive data-driven analytics offer the solution.

Together with Intel, RetailNext has created the infographic, “Optimizing the Path the Purchase,” detailing the combined capabilities of Intel’s Responsive Retail Platform and RetailNext’s Full Path Analytics solution. Through these solutions, retailers have insight into real-time behavior of the shopper journey – from her first moments in the store to the Point of Sale. Retailers then translate this data into valuable insights for successful decision-making regarding the future operations of a store.

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