[INFOGRAPHIC] Personalization & Engagement Through SMS Messaging Campaigns

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Director, Marketing

Despite tremendous advances in mobile messaging technologies and applications, the first messaging app – SMS texting – remains one of the most popular and powerful ways to communicate with shoppers on a personalized, relevant level.

Quick, what’s the most used data service in the world?

The sharp-eyed of you already know by catching a glimpse of this post’s title. Yes, it’s the humble SMS text message who holds the title, and for good reason too. Just consider:

  • 15,220,700 texts are sent every minute of every day worldwide, and that doesn’t even include app-to-app messaging
  • More than 4.2 billion people text worldwide
  • Americans are responsible for approximately 45 percent of the world’s text volume
  • Texts have a 99 percent open rate

Those are just a few of my favorite, mind-blowing text messaging statistics.  

So, what does that mean to you and your retail store? Well, plenty. You work tirelessly to increase shopper engagement, shopper service and sales, and you’re well aware that it’s easier to fish where the fish are. Make no mistake about it – SMS is where your shoppers already are.

Okay, but what makes for successful SMS campaign? First off, check out the nifty infographic “The Anatomy of a Successful SMS Campaign,” created by Mobile Text Alerts. It covers all the basics and the guiding principles. Then, when you set out to optimize your mobile messaging, learn more about RetailNext’s Mobile Engage solution – it doesn’t do your SMS text messaging for you, but it’s machine learning algorithm makes your SMS text messaging more effective.

VIDEO – Mobile Engage by RetailNext

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