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[INFOGRAPHIC] Social Media’s Growing Impact on Online Retail

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Director, Marketing

Social media sales are still a tiny portion of overall retail, but social media’s undeniable importance in shoppers’ everyday lives leaves no doubt that retailers are only just now scratching at the surface of an increasingly important channel.

March 21 was Twitter’s 10th birthday, and it served as a great reminder of how social media has forever changed the way people – and brands – communicate and share.

Social has an increasingly growing influence on the retail industry as well. In its early days, social media served primarily as a touchpoint for customer service, and then evolved into marketing, promotions and, of course, reviews.

Today, social media is an important selling platform in shoppers’ cross-channel shopping journeys. Consider the following:

For more facts and figures of social media’s growing influence on retail, take a look at the infographic from the good folks at SnapParcel, below.

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