[INFOGRAPHIC] Stores’ Modern IoT Technologies

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Director, Marketing

Online retailers brought a great deal of science to the ‘art of retail,’ and after more than a decade of playing catchup, stores are harnessing the power of IoT technologies to reinvent the shopping experience.

For years, the in-store shopping experience has been relatively static. Oh, sure, merchandise styles and trends changed tremendously, but the ways those products were merchandised and how stores were operated changed very little.

In fact, while it’s easy to differentiate today’s cars, mobile phones, televisions, etc. to their counterparts of 15 years ago, it’s often near impossible to distinguish stores 30 or even 40 years apart.

Stores, 40 years apart

However, years after online merchants started taking advantage of innovative new technologies, the industry is seeing its former bedrock – its stores – jump onboard. And, it’s often not the whiz-bang, customer-facing technologies that are making the biggest differences in how stores are reshaping the shopper experience, but rather all the “behind-the-scenes” technologies that are providing the power.

BizTech’s infographic, “The Tech Behind the Modern Retailer,” provides a quick overview of the foundational in-store technologies that, along with analytics platforms that incorporate video analytics, are providing data insights to retailers and empowering a re-imagination of their service delivery models.

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Tech Behind the Modern Retailer