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July was hot but sales were not

Chitra Balasubramanian
Chitra Balasubramanian
Head of Business Analytics

July remained relatively flat compared to June across key performance metrics.

July sales were up by 0.1% and traffic was up by 0.2% as compared to June. July experienced a nearly half point improvement in conversion, which was mostly driven by the first week of the month.  The 4.3% decline in return transactions set July apart from the first month of summer.

The second Saturday in July experienced the highest levels of transactional activity in the month  There was a missed opportunity with retailers during the last two weeks of July where traffic increased amidst a decline in conversion.  Sundays in July continued to be a challenge for most retailers with an average sales drop of 6.7% and conversion drop of 3.2% as compared to June.

July was more about interesting regional differences. The Southwest experienced declines across the board, while the Southeast reported increases. Record heat in several regions may have played into the slight traffic declines seen in all regions except the Southeast.