June Retail Performance Pulse: Store Sales Slightly Decline Despite Increases in Conversion, ATV and Shopper Yield

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Guest Contributor

The newest Retail Performance Pulse is now available for download, delivering a detailed analysis of brick-and-mortar store performance for the retail month of June 2018.

The current RetailNext Retail Performance Pulse has been published and is available for download, providing an overview of brick-and-mortar store performance for the retail month of June 2018 (June 3 through July 7 on the industry’s 4-5-4 calendar).

Download the Retail Performance Pulse for June 2018 store results.

In June, store sales decreased 3 percent year-over-year, on a 5 percent decline in shopper traffic. Despite the drop in traffic, sales was propped up with increases in conversion (0.1 points), average transaction value (1.1 percent) and shopper yield (2 percent). For conversion, it was the twelfth monthly increase in the past 13 months, suggesting a strong intent to purchase when shoppers include visits to physical stores in their shopping journeys.

Despite both Father’s Day and Independence Day falling into the retail month of June, there was not a significant year-over-year impact. Store traffic was relatively consistent over the course of the month, declining between 4.5 and 5.5 percent each week. Net sales, on the other hand, declined between one and six percent each week. On the positive side, Shopper Yield increased four out of June’s five weeks.

Geographic performance was relatively close during June, with the Northeast region being the outlier with more dramatic losses.

For a full reporting of physical store performance for the month of June 2018, please download your copy of the Retail Performance Pulse today.

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