Love ‘em or Hate ‘em, Black Friday & Cyber Monday Await [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Director, Marketing

If there are four words that get shoppers’ (and retailers’) hearts a-racin’, it’s Black Friday Cyber Monday. This new infographic breaks down anything and everything you want to know about two of retail’s biggest days.

Holiday season. It’s the two words that at the same time, rather oddly, bring both cheer and dread into the hearts of retailers. Cheer in that the holiday season represents the single biggest opportunity for most retailing brands. Dread in that it brings about the biggest challenges for most retailing brands too. 

“Holiday Creep” has stretched the holiday season over the past several decades. What used to startafter Thanksgiving now starts before trick or treaters put on their costumes on Halloween. And, it’s not just the start that has stretched, but also the end. First, it was December 25. Then, December 26. Now, retailers see holiday shopping stretch into January.

Still, even with Holiday Creep, the public’s fascination with holiday shopping still centers around the Thanksgiving weekend, and in particular Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For the full rundown on anything and everything Black Friday and Cyber Monday, check out the new infographic, below, from our friends at Fullestop.

Here’s to a great holiday season – make it fun, for your shoppers will certainly pick up on that!

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