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Maybe Dad doesn’t really want an electric tie rack after all

Chitra Balasubramanian
Chitra Balasubramanian
Head of Business Analytics

Latest retail results show June up over May with heavy returns right after Father’s Day.

Father may know best, but Mom and the kids may not.  After an impressive week leading up to Father’s Day, which recorded the highest weekly sales across May and June, the Saturday after Father’s Day had the highest number of returns in the entire period.  Going into future gift-giving holidays, Father’s Day in particular, we strongly encourage retailers to focus on selling in such a way as to reduce the instances of returns in order to retain as much of the generosity that shoppers seek to offer.



Amidst a backdrop of schools getting out along with warmer temperatures, June experienced overall a 3.7% increase in traffic as compared to May.  Despite a 0.6% average decline in conversion and 2.1% decline in average transaction value, retailers were able to harness some of the traffic improvement as evidenced by a 0.7% average increase in sales.  Sales per shopper was down by 2.9% due to the combined decline of conversion and ATV.  We believe a change in shopper demographics, including shopping group size and average shopper age, due to the summer holidays may have led to these downward trends.