Millennials On The Move: 5 Simple Ways To Lure Them To Shop

April Rose Semogan
Guest Contributor

Many marketers look at Millennials as a magical segment to drive future growth, but it's a new generation of buyers and sharers, and it requires different approaches to capture their attention and engage.

In this digital age, Millennials rise to the top of many Marketing conversations. However, there are On phone with bags over shoulderstill certain industries struggling to capture the “next big thing,” particularly in shopping and retailing. Given this, attracting Millennials to shop can be a little tricky, but hey, there are ways to gain their attention towards shopping.

Before anteing into the retail game and luring Millennials into stores, you have to know this first: Who Are They?

What To Know About Millennials

The term Millennials refer to a group of individuals who belong to Generation Y – people who were born between the 1980’s and early 2000s. Society often refers to them as the “net” or “selfie” generation. In as much as the advent of technology continues, with continual new digital innovations, Millennials are relentless in terms of being fast-followers – if not first adopters – to new trends.

The Challenge

Millennials and their diverse lifestyles can be a challenging segment to many businesses, and according to Forbes and Robin Lewis, they can be a double trouble for retail. Technology allows them to shop 24/7, but they are not always shopping to make a purchase. Additionally, in this smartphone and digital era, brick-and-mortar retail stores seem not to exist for some of them – they prefer doing things online. If they do drop by retail shops, it’s still paramount for the store to deliver a value-added shopping experience to ensure they convert. Given these points, in order to attract them to shop for what you offer, here are five simple strategies you can use.

1. Design and Execute An Effective Brand Strategy

According to a survey conducted by Harris Poll, Millennials tend to have an extreme sense of adventure. Almost 78 percent prefer to spend money on gaining experiences rather than investing in material things. Given this, as a retailer, you should build effective brand strategies to best respond to their wants and needs. Customizing product offerings and making shopping experiences more personal attracts them to brands. Give them a reason to acquire or use your product, and ensure you deliver only true and authentic products and experiences.

2. Consider The Advantage Of Mobile Technology

When you turn your head from left to right, ever notice how most people, age 18 to 34, seem to be inseparable to their mobile phones? Millennials rely deeply on their mobile phones in doing transactions. Take advantage of mobile technology to endorse or promote your products. Provide them with access, convenience and ease of navigation in researching your products. If you have a website, consider making it mobile-friendly and responsive – don’t forget the aesthetic design, it helps draw attention. Millennials love the convenience and power of their smartphones, so integrating mobile technologies give you an edge.

3. Pay Attention To Social Media

Are you active in social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter? If not, start. It could help you and your business reach thousands and even millions of prospective buyers worldwide. Through social media, you can connect to multiple users and believe me, Millennials are all over the networking sites. Many retail shops succeed in social media; you just have to know to make an enticing ad or how to make your post stand above the rest. Millennials look for what’s new and fresh, so you better give it to them. Social media is powerful, and it is one of the best ways to build brand awareness by spreading the word to the online community.

4. Engage And Adapt To Their Lifestyle

Millennials have a different and ever-changing lifestyle as compared to other shopper generations. Nowadays, most of them are fond of taking selfies and getting involved in social sharing, especially in expressing their thoughts and ideas about life’s experiences. Connect with them by engaging with them to take creative selfies while using your product or asking them to write a comment to share their experience – they love to indulge and participate in conversations that ask for their opinions. Make your brand more fun, relatable, social, personal and most of all, REAL. Millennials are active. You just have to create a relevant point in order for them to shop.

5. Be Unique And Occupy Their Short Attention Span

Millennials have a very short attention span. One minute they’re looking at one thing, then another minute something else entirely. However, they are always up for something new and unique that goes beyond cliché. Give them fresh ideas on how to wear or use your product. Let them think, be amazed and keep them interested – this is one of the strategies to make your brand, product or business memorable. A ad campaign – or even a community cause – can help you achieve this goal.

Accept The Challenge

Having said all of these, creating a strategy to lure Millennials to shopping can be rewarding as long you put determination, hard work, effort and time into it. Though Millennials are frequently misunderstood, they are still one of the strongest and most influential segments that can lead your retail business to success. As technology solutions continue to grow and be adopted, learn to evolve your brand and look for effective ways to attract Millennials to your products and services.

Appealing to Millennials comes down to better understanding them. Millennials may be a little difficult to persuade, but they do have a great sense for adventure, risk and they are never afraid of what’s new.

Now, are you ready to take on the Challenge?

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