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Multichannel Retailing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Director, Content Marketing & Public Relations

While retailers still think in terms of 'channels,' Millennials and other groups get on with 'shopping' - this infographic illustrates how they shop and shows retailers what's needed for a simple, easy-to-shop, seamless experience.

In many ways, this past Holiday season demonstrated that the long-awaited multichannel or omnichannel shopping experience is finally a retail reality. No longer can retailers look at their shopper and their businesses in terms of distinct ‘channels.’ Today’s retail reality is a convergence of physical and digital channels, and those retailers who deliver a seamless, branded experience throughout the shopping journey establish a competitive advantage.

Millennials and other new generations of shoppers drive the new retail reality, and they don’t live in terms of channels. To them, it’s all just … ‘shopping.’

The infographic below, from Options Mail Order, shows the shopping journey, and shoppers’ preferences and behaviors. It’s now up to retail professionals to make their provided experience easy, simple and seamless. 

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Multi Channel Retailing Infographic