New RetailNext Customers – Avenue K Mall, TCC (a Verizon Wireless Retailer), Home Decor Outlets, and Pressed Juicery – Uncover Valuable Shopper Insights

Suzanne Tran
Suzanne Tran
Director of Marketing Communications

After seeing one store increase conversion by 2.3% in 3 months, Home Decor Outlets COO projects RetailNext will help drive over seven-figures in additional sales across all locations.

From TCC’s 300 Verizon Wireless storefronts to the vast footprint of the Avenue K Mall, RetailNext’s in-store analytics provide an in-depth view into customer behavior and engagement to optimize the in-store experience, evaluate staffing decisions, boost shopper acquisition and conversions, and increase the profit per shopper. Today, we revealed new customers from NRF’s Big Show that are using in-store analytics in fresh new ways to tie shopper traffic and demographics, engagement times, shopper path analysis, and many other shopper behaviors to actual sales at the register.

Let’s take a closer look at how each customer is using in-store analytics to optimize their physical stores. If you’d like to schedule a meeting at Big Show, please drop us a note.

Avenue K Shopping Mall

Avenue K, a newly refurbished shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, spans eight floors and covers more than 400,000 square feet of retail space. With 32 video cameras, Avenue K has installed RetailNext’s platform for in-mall traffic management and plans to install comprehensive analytics for measuring consumer behavior in 2014.

“With the newly remodeled Avenue K, understanding shopper engagement and acquisition is more important than ever before. So much more than just door counting, RetailNext’s in-store analytics suite will offer us the ability to examine shopper behavior and uncover opportunities to improve the in-mall shopping experience, driving visitor traffic and consequently luring big brands eager to hit the Malaysian shopping scene. With RetailNext, we are gaining deeper insights that were never before possible, enabling us to optimize business strategies.” – Sue Wang, General Manager, Avenue K

The Cellular Connection (TCC)

TCC is the largest Verizon Premium Wireless Retailer with more than 300 Verizon Wireless retail stores nationwide. With a new store design, the company selected RetailNext to develop staffing models, help with store design by analyzing customer’s path to purchase, and monitor traffic and conversion rates to help gauge the success of advertising campaigns.

“The traffic counting tool we used before RetailNext was largely ignored as it was often confusing and offered no credibility. RetailNext provided people counting plus a full suite of in-store analytics products that empower TCC to leverage a single system for traffic and conversion monitoring, shopper engagement, staffing models, loss prevention, POS exception reporting, and interior shopper analytics through the shopper’s path to purchase.” – Jason Buck, Vice President of Marketing, TCC

Home Decor Outlets

Home Decor Outlets, one of the largest retailers of discount furniture in the U.S., selected RetailNext for more visibility into store traffic to accurately measure conversion rates, and therefore hold sales associates more accountable for their stores’ performance. By having real-time visibility into traffic, Home Decor has also been able to make adjustments to training, staffing, and benchmarking to influence conversion rate and improve the customer experience.

“With RetailNext, in just three months we increased our conversion rate by 2.3% at one store. Combining this variable with our consistently strong average transaction value and better visibility into shopper traffic, we project the RetailNext system will help drive over seven-figures in additional sales across all of our locations. Now we have an accurate, objective way to measure traffic, and automatically combine it with our sales data to maximize results.” – Joel Fulghum, Chief Operations Officer, Home Decor Outlets

Pressed Juicery

Pressed Juicery, a cold-pressed juice bar expanding to 50 locations this year, selected RetailNext to maximize operational efficiency and the consumer experience. By collecting data from front door traffic analytics, gender detection, mobile device detection, and dwell time at the point-of-sale, Pressed Juicery stores can measure customer behavior and engagement.

“Pressed Juicery stores have a unique concept size – under 1,000 square feet. With such a small footprint in each store, we saw a big opportunity with installing RetailNext to ensure we were providing customers with the best possible experience within our space. By gleaning valuable insights into who is visiting, when, and how long and where they dwell, we can uncover whether staffing is fulfilling customer needs.” – Vance Chang, Senior Director of Finance, Pressed Juicery