NRF LP panel a big hit

Tim Callan
Tim Callan
Chief Marketing Officer

Standing room only as experienced LP analytics users share opportunities and best practices.

Yesterday I had the pleasure to moderate a panel at the National Retail Federation Loss Prevention Conference called Video Analytics: Using Advanced LP Video to Uncover Lost Profit Opportunities.  The panelists were all experienced with using analytics to reduce theft but also understood how their broader organizations had used analytics to improve in other ways.  Presenting were Ken Boremi, Director of Loss Prevention for Brookstone, Michael Burch, Director of Loss Prevention and Safety for Tilly’s, and Blue Montez, Director of Asset Protection for American Apparel.


More than two hundred people packed into the room, lining the walls and back and sitting in the aisles to hear what these three had to say.  One memorable quotation was when Montez spoke about adopting video analytics throughout your stores.  He said, “It will increase your sales.  It will cut your shrink.  It will optimize your staffing.  It will optimize employee performance.”