Opening a Store: Staffing

Rachelle Benson
Rachelle Benson
Retail Expert

When looking at the big picture of your retail store, a critical component is your staff, and a few quick tips can help ensure your store delivers the magical shopping experiences all shoppers deserve – the first time and every time.

Successfully opening and operating a store requires a lot of purposeful thought and some rather difficult decisions. Big considerations, of course, include store location and product assortment, but those alone aren’t enough – after all, with very few exceptions, your product isn’t enough to engage and service your clientele. Your staff, on the other hand, affords the greatest opportunity to deliver the WOW! Experiences your shoppers crave.

In the video below, I provide a few quick and relatively easy tips for staffing your retail store. Please let me know what tips you’d add in the Comments section, below.

Opening a Store – Staffing from RetailNext on Vimeo.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Rachelle Benson and I’m a Retail Consultant at RetailNext. Today, I’m going to speak with you about hiring for your retail store.

First, clearly define your requirements by developing a job description including; preferred qualifications, skills, experience, core responsibilities and any physical requirements. When planning the staff, be wary of hiring too many employees working part time schedules. Employees who work part-time with very few hours often turn over quickly as they seek full-time work.

Once your job description is finalized, make sure that you share it, and sharing goes well beyond a “help wanted” sign in the store window, although, that does help. Speak with prospective team members at the same places you speak with your customers – your website, social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Some of the best representatives of your brand are the people who already love your brand – your customers.

Finally, consider recruiting the people who deliver “wow” service to you, when you’re their customer. Be on the look out for the great server or bartender at your local restaurant, and if you get great service at another retail store, don’t be shy about approaching them.

When finalizing your candidates, think about how well they work with others on high-performing teams, how effective they are at communicating and quickly establishing a trusting rapport with people – like you – that they’ve just met. Also consider: Do they fit in with your brand ethos in your company culture?

So, those are my quick few tips for effectively staffing your store. Thank you for tuning in today and for more helpful hints on retailing, I invite you to browse through the resource library at

Good luck.