Optimizing Your Online Store for Mobile Traffic [INFOGRAPHIC]

Alison Choe
Alison Choe

Mobile is a necessity for retailers, and in order to connect with shoppers and drive sales, retailers need to consider their mobile strategies and optimize their online store for the mobile experience.

It is common knowledge that shoppers are increasingly using mobile phones to shop. In fact, more than half of all internet traffic now comes from a mobile device, and 62 percent of smartphone owners use a mobile device to shop in the U.S. This is a phenomenon seen not only in the United States, but internationally as well, with many markets such as China, Mexico and Indonesia being known as ‘mobile-first’ economies, where their technological infrastructure was built starting with the mobile phone, instead of the PC. In fact, mobile traffic accounts for almost two-thirds of all web traffic in Asia.

Often, your mobile site could be the first touchpoint for shoppers, and as a result, creating a seamless mobile e-commerce experience is essential to capture their attention. In addition, it can also drive webpage traffic, as Google indexes how content appears on the mobile device, which factors into search engine optimization.

When looking at how to improve the mobile experience, instead of embarking on an overhaul, start with optimizing your current site with a gradual approach, and measure the impact of changes on key metrics. In addition, there are several ways, from social media to push ads that can drive further mobile traffic.

To learn more about ways to optimize your online website for mobile, check out the infographic below from Fundera, “7 Data-Driven Ways to Optimize Your Online Store for Mobile.”

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