Package Inserts as an Efficient Customer Retention Tool

Olivia Ryan
Guest Contributor

Customer retention is the basic precondition of a successful retail business, and while you can improve consumer loyalty using all sorts of marketing tools, packaging inserts can prove to be one of your most productive tactics.

Customer retention is the key element of success in retail business, but it takes much more than a great product to keep sales growing over time. According to marketing experts at AussieWritings, packaging inserts can play a decisive role in customer retention practices.

Numerous studies proved that even the smallest boost in consumer loyalty can generate up to a 95 percent increase in profitability. At the same time, customers who come back to your store spend almost 70 percent more than new ones.

In such circumstances, you absolutely must learn how to increase consumer loyalty. This article will show you how to do it using packaging inserts.

Why Bother with Packaging Inserts?

Packaging inserts add value to products, increasing the overall credibility of the brand in the eyes of your customers. We all know that sharing is caring and there is no better way to prove to a consumer that you care for him than adding a small bonus to the item he bought.

A recent survey revealed that each one of the five most significant reasons for feeling a connection with a brand has something to do with caring. To make things even more convincing, I will explain four reasons why you should embrace packaging inserts as part of your marketing strategy:

  • Cost efficiency: Since you already have to send products to your shoppers, packaging inserts basically come free of charge. Besides that, small gifts and similar items you send them are cheap and very convenient.
  • Precise targeting: Packaging inserts follow the primary product, which means you already know the taste of the purchaser. For this reason, it is easy to send something that resonates with the needs of each buyer individually.
  • Build trust: Customer retention is impossible if you don’t build relationships based on trust and understanding. Packaging inserts convince buyers you really appreciate them, which really improves your reputation among consumers.
  • Brand ambassadors: Strengthening relations with your customers, you gradually convert them into brand ambassadors. Loyal customers are always willing to recommend the brand they like to their friends and family.

6 Types of Packaging Inserts

The way you design packaging inserts depends on your own creativity, which means the options are countless. However, six types of packaging inserts are the most common choices among marketers:

  1. Discount offers: Discount coupons and special promotions are the easiest way to upsell. At the same time, it’s a benefit for existing customers who can buy other products cheaper than before.
  2. Product manuals: No matter how simple your products might be, you can always create a nice manual to tell more about its specifications and advantages. Product brochures also offer a lot of branding space, which is good for brand awareness.
  3. Free samples: This is another upselling technique that buyers adore. The logic is simple – people love to try out new stuff, while you get the chance to present them a new product.
  4. Small gifts: Sometimes you can make a lot of branded giveaways cheaply and use them as the packaging insert option for your commerce. It’s a small investment but extremely valuable because you prove you care about your consumers.
  5. Case studies: Some people love to read a comprehensive case study about the advantages of the products they use. It reaffirms their decision to buy certain products, so why not use it as the packaging insert from time to time?
  6. Personalized ‘Thank You’ notes: In the age of automation, you won’t make an impression sending generic emails. But if you make a personalized and handwritten ‘Thank You’ note, buyers will really appreciate it.


Customer retention is the basic precondition of the profitable retail business. You can improve consumer loyalty using all sorts of marketing tools, but packaging inserts prove to be one of the most productive tactics in this field.

In this article, I showed you why and how to use packaging inserts as a means to boost customer retention. Bear my suggestions in mind and don’t hesitate to put them into practice – they could skyrocket your sales should you apply them precisely.

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