Performance Pulse: Store Performance Down as Industry Heads into Autumn

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Director, Marketing

Physical retail in the continental United States reported a tough month in September, and now look to rebound as the critical holiday season looms ahead.

The RetailNext Retail Performance Pulse report for brick-and-mortar store performance in month of September (August 28 through October 1 on the retailing 4-5-4 calendar) is now available for download, and it shows a decline across most every major metric as the industry heads into autumn and the holiday season.

Overall, sales declined 10.6 percent on a 9 percent decrease in store traffic, and the sales decline was the largest decline in sales over the past six months. In addition to sales and traffic declines, conversion ended its five-month trend of growth by posting a 0.2 point loss.

Pulse table - Sept '16 results

Weeks 2 and 4 experienced year-over-year (YoY) gains in average transaction value ad shopper yield, but both lifts were negated by poor performance in weeks 1 and 3, and, worst of all, week 5.

Pulse calendar table - Sept. '16 results

For the complete Retail Performance Pulse, download your copy today.

Once again this year, RetailNext will publish its daily Thanksgiving Flash, a composite of key in-store retail metrics for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, designed to highlight macro retail performance and enable brick-and-mortar retailers and media to benchmark performance with frequent, near real-time updates. Much like the monthly Retail Performance Pulse, the Flash is developed from specialty and large format retail stores on the RetailNext analytics platform and located within the continental United States, and will be available starting Friday, November 25.

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