Redefining Content Marketing Strategies for Retail in 2019

Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith
Guest Contributor

The role of branded content has evolved into being a retailer’s primary marketing tool, and the better it is used, the better the chances of achieving goals.

A successful retail business is one that stays ahead of its time. This is why you need to change your strategies regularly to make the most of the current situation. It is essential to understand you need not only to look for the best retail business strategies to implement in 2019, but also to redefine your content marketing because, according to reputed sources such as HubSpot, Google rankings and keywords do not have the same power they once did. Therefore, you should be focusing on developing new content which will truly help you make sales.

Top 4 Content Marketing Trends for 2019: How to Use Them to Your Advantage

1 – Create content which will enhance customer success

Any retail business owner needs to understand that simply making a sale and moving on to the next shopper isn’t enough these days for success in business. Instead, it is important to focus on fostering customer loyalty and encouraging word-of-mouth testimoies that will bring more shoppers to your door. For this, content is the essential tool at your disposal. The idea behind the strategic use of content marketing is to help people derive more value from your products and services.

Simply put, you should create content which will show buyers how to make the best use of the things they buy from you. Articles featuring tips and tricks and “how-to” guides are a must. You should also look into posting ideas on product application which are relevant to specific events. For example, a food retail shop could launch a content marketing campaign with recipes and food gift ideas shortly before the Christmas holidays.

2 – Prioritize long-term engagement by fine-tuning your marketing funnel

Experts cited in Forbes agree that trust is the number one priority in business, and this is as true for retailers as for any other type of business. Offering your customers helpful content which will increase the value they get from your products is only a part of the journey. To maximize the benefit of your content marketing in 2019, you need to redefine the entire strategy. Your main goal should be fostering long-term engagement and building trust.

What this means is that your content should not only advertise your products with the short-term goal of upping sales. A retailer needs a content strategy which will have you produce something of continuous value to your customers. To further the example above, a healthy food retailer can run a blog with recipes, news of new superfoods, and explanations of health benefits its products deliver. It is essential you are able to remain versatile in order to keep people interested. Equally it is important to be authoritative, so the content you create needs to be backed up by reputable sources.

3 – Leverage emotional impact

One of the more effective methods of keeping your customers engaged is through appealing to their emotions. Content which does this will not only enhance loyalty and increase sales, but will also inspire people to share it. Therefore, it is essential to post regularly on your social media channels.

Psychologists agree that emotions are the driving factor behind shoppers choosing a brand. Thus, your content will need to invoke a strong and positive emotional response in order to beat competitors, some of whom might even offer lower prices.

Emotions can be targeted in many ways, from creating a cute mascot character to use on all marketing materials to devising social ads which are evocative and full of positivity. In fact, consider getting your business behind at least one social campaign. In this way, you will not only help a good cause but also benefit from valuable publicity.

4 – Pay more attention to content distribution

As previously stated, keyword optimization is not as effective today as it once was. Thus, you need to ensure a Google search is not the only way for prospective buyers to find your content. Instead, be sure to put as much effort as possible into promoting your content through every medium available.

This can mean paying more attention to guest posting, influencers and social media, as well as not neglecting email, SMS marketing or targeted ads. Retail businesses today should use popular messenger services such as Telegram or Viber too through which to spread their content.

Remember that for this strategy to be most effective, all content needs to be properly formatted for the appropriate medium. Be sure to insert links to other sources, such as adding a backlink to a relevant whitepaper in a tweet about a new line of products.

Overall your content marketing strategy for the next year needs to get smarter. Content isn’t merely a means to a sale today, but rather its role has evolved into being the primary marketing tool at your disposal, and the better it is used, the better are your chances of achieving your goal.

About the writer: Jeremy Smith has been a writer at Bid4Papers for years and he knows a fair bit about creating content which achieves great results. Whether it’s for impressing professors or promoting a product to customers, the power of words is immeasurable. Here Jeremy shares his own thoughts on how to wield it.

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