Retail Landlords & Tenants: Exploring Their Changing Relationship [WEBINAR PREVIEW]

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Guest Contributor

One area of the seismic retail landscape that is rapidly evolving is the relationship between commercial property owners/managers and retailing brands, a once traditional relationship quickly being reformed into a retailing partnership with vested interests by all parties.

A decade and more ago, an old retailing axiom was, “The only constant in retail is change.”

Yeah, right. Related to change, the industry hadn’t seen anything yet.

For retail, there’s been more change in the past decade than there was in the previous 100 years combined, and it was the internet that really changed everything.

The internet empowered shoppers to be in control of retailing, for the first time ever and forevermore. With immediate access to all the product and service information they could ever want, and with an almost unlimited number of global alternatives in which to spend, shoppers now call the shots.

It’s left to the industry to respond to shoppers, and those responses are causing a ripple of change to cascade across retail, some just little blips, others significant, paradigm-busting tremors.

One area of the seismic retail landscape that is rapidly changing is the relationship between retail property owners/managers and retailing brands. Malls and shopping centers are emphasizing a curated portfolio of brands in their physical spaces and an unprecedented sharing of information in the quest to build healthy, synergistic shopping environments for brands, malls and shoppers. Going away is that landlord/tenant relationship, quickly being replaced by a retailing partnership with vested interests by all parties.

In the latest episode of the 2018 RetailNext Webinar Series, Bil Ingraham, vice president of consumer marketing and partnerships at PREIT, and Jim Ward, vice president of innovation and new business ventures at CBL Properties, will discuss the changing nature of the relationships between malls and brands, and will share newly developing best practices and what retailers (and their customers) can expect in near future.

Retail Landlords and Tenants: Exploring Their Changing Relationships

Thursday, July 26, 2018

11:00 am PDT/2:00 pm EDT

Join Bil and Jim as they discuss the evolution of leasing agreements and terms, the strategies behind assorting brands and store portfolios to boost the overall health of the shopping center, the two-way exchange of data between mall and stores, and efforts to continually draw shoppers through entertainment and lifestyle interests.

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