Retail Landlords & Tenants: Exploring Their Changing Relationship [WEBINAR REVIEW]

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Director, Marketing

The foundational relationship between commercial property owners/managers and retailing brands is rapidly evolving into a mutually-beneficial retailing partnership with vested interests by both parties.

Stories of the “retail apocalypse” have made headlines for several years, and there’s no doubt traditional retail has struggled to keep pace with today’s shoppers and their new shopping journeys. But, brick-and-mortar retail isn’t dead. Rather, bad, boring, out of touch and irrelevant retail should be dead, and what’s dying off is being replaced by a whole new kind of retail.

That’s was the underlying theme of the latest installment of the RetailNext Webinar Series, “Retail Landlords & Tenants: Exploring Their Changing Relationship.”

On Thursday, July 26, Jim Ward, vice president of innovation and new business ventures at CBL Properties, joined Bil Ingraham, vice president of consumer marketing and partnerships at PREIT, for a “fireside chat” about the changing nature of retail and the role it’s playing in the continual evolution of the landlord/tenant relationship.

Watch the recorded webinar on demand, “Retail Landlords and Tenants: Exploring Their Changing Relationship.”

Jim and Bil began by speaking to the idea of the retail apocalypse, and setting the stage by establishing what part of that narrative is real and what seems to be a media-driven myth. Next, they spoke to shoppers and their new shopper journeys, particularly long-sought after desires for convenience, personalization and seamless experiences, all conspiring to drive a shopper-led retail revolution.

From there, the discussion turned to today’s new breed of retailers and their newly proffered shopping experiences, as well as how malls and shopping centers are changing their approaches to remain relevant in today’s market.

Wide-sweeping changes are rippling through retail, and it’s affecting the fundamental relationships between retail landlords and their tenant brands. Whether you’re a mall or shopping center owner/operator, an established brick-and-mortar retailing brand, or a digital-native retailer looking to expand into physical retail for the first time, this webinar offers the insights into what’s changed, what’s changing next, and what’s in-store over the mid-and long-range. Access the recorded webinar on demand for more.

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