Retail Performance Pulse: August Turns Up the Heat on Stores to Better Perform

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Director, Marketing

The newest Retail Performance Pulse is now available for download, delivering a detailed analysis of brick-and-mortar store performance for the retail month of August 2017.

The current RetailNext Retail Performance Pulse has been published and is available for download, providing a review of brick-and-mortar store performance for the retail month of August 2017 (July 30 – August 26 on the industry’s standard 4-5-4 calendar).

Download the Retail Performance Pulse for August 2017 store results.

Following a relatively stable July, August saw a 9.5 percent decrease in physical store sales on a 7.7 percent decline in shopper traffic. A 0.3 percent increase in conversion wasn’t strong enough to lift sales, as a drop in average transaction value (ATV) of 2.1 percent was more than enough to offset it, particularly when combined with the drop in traffic. Sales yield, as a result, dropped for the second consecutive month, posting a 2 percent decline.

While monthly lows were generally clustered around the beginning of Week 4, monthly highs for August were spread throughout the month, with sales and ATV peaking on Saturday, August 12, and traffic and total transactions peaking on Saturday, August 5.

For a full reporting of physical store performance for the month of August 2017, please download your copy of the Retail Performance Pulse today.

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