Retail Performance Pulse: Black Friday Weekend Buoys November Results

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Guest Contributor

The newest Retail Performance Pulse is now available for download, delivering a detailed analysis of brick-and-mortar store performance for the retail month of November 2017.

The current RetailNext Retail Performance Pulse has been published and is available for download, providing an overview of brick-and-mortar store performance for the retail month of November 2017 (October 29 through November 25 on the retail industry’s standard 4-5-4 calendar).

Download the Retail Performance Pulse for November 2017 store results.

As expected, the Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend carried the month, producing the biggest and busiest days of the month. Overall, brick-and-mortar sales for the month dropped 9 percent as measured year-over-year (YoY) on a 7.7 percent decline in shopper traffic, both well within overall expectations. For the Black Friday weekend, traffic was down only 4.4 percent, but lower conversion and average transaction values contributed to an 8.9 percent decline in sales from a year previous.  

Conversion continued its upward trend, rising 0.8 points for the month, its sixth consecutive monthly increase. However, a monthly drop in ATV of 1.3 percent and a decrease of 7.6 percent of overall transactions resulted in a drop of shopper yield of 1.2 percent, all o which negatively impacted the monthly sales results.   

The high days sales, traffic and transactions in November were clustered during Thanksgiving week. Weeks 1-3 of the month, however, outperformed the final week of the month, with Week 2 posting flat YoY results, indicative of holiday promotions and shopper activities starting earlier in month, ahead of Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

For a full reporting of physical store performance for the month of November 2017, please download your copy of the Retail Performance Pulse today.

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