Retail Performance Pulse: Retail Gets a Boost as Spring Brings in More Shoppers

Talitha Loftus
Talitha Loftus
Marketing Manager

Available for download, the latest Retail Performance Pulse provides a detail analysis of brick-and-mortar store performance for March 2017.

The new RetailNext Retail Performance Pulse, providing an overview of brick-and-mortar store performance for the retail month of March (February 26 through April 1 on the industry’s 4-5-4 calendar), has been published and is available for download.

Download the Retail Performance Pulse for March 2017 store results.

March 2017 was an improved month for physical retail with the lowest declines in sales and traffic since November 2016. Sales were down 8.1%, traffic was down 9.2%, while transactions were down 10.1%. Shopper yield and ATV were up 1.1% and 2.1% YOY, reversing a two month decline for both metrics while conversion remained flat.

Summary of Performance

Saturday, March 18th was the best shopping day of March 2017, as Sales, traffic, ATV and transactions all reached their peak values. Conversion was strongest on Thursday, March 9th, while shopper yield reached its highest point on Thursday, March 30th.

High & Low Days of March 2017

For a full reporting of physical store performance for the month of March 2017, please download your copy of the Retail Performance Pulse today.

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