Retail Performance Pulse: Sales & Traffic down, shopper intent strong

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Guest Contributor

The RetailNext Retail Performance Pulse report for brick-and-mortar store performance in July is out, and its numbers tell a familiar story as sales and traffic decline year-over-year, but conversion and sales per shopper continue to rise.

For brick-and-mortar store performance in July, the Retail Performance Pulse report shows it was a continuation of the same old story told each month thus far in 2015. Or, maybe more accurately, another supporting chapter in a longer story of shoppers’ new multi-channel shopping journeys how they are changing the role of the store in the omnichannel world. 

In the retail month of July (July 5 – August 2 on the retail 4-5-4 calendar), sales dropped 6.8 percent on an 11 percent decrease in store traffic, and continued the sliding trend of monthly year-over-year declines seen since the beginning of the year. But, on the positive side, conversion and Sales per Shopper (SpS) were both up yet again, continuing the positive upward trends for each.

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Falling foot traffic is something retailers have seen consistently over the past year. It’s clear shoppers are visiting fewer stores when they take shopping trips. Long gone are the days of going to the mall simply to browse and to learn and discover new brands and products. In today’s deeply rooted digital age, there are just too many more efficient ways to do perform the same tasks.  

However, the positive upward trends in SpS and conversion show that when shoppers do go to the store, they do so with a strong intent to buy. Today’s multichannel shopping trips are different than just a few years ago – convenience and fulfillment are key, and shoppers are keen for in, out, and on to the next thing in their busy lives.

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