Retail Performance Pulse: Stores Post Relatively Strong July Results

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Guest Contributor

Available for download, the newest Retail Performance Pulse provides a detailed analysis of brick-and-mortar store performance for the retail month of July 2017.

The newest RetailNext Retail Performance Pulse has been published and is available for download, providing an overview of brick-and-mortar store performance for the retail month of July 2017 (July 2-29 on the industry’s standard 4-5-4 calendar).

Download the Retail Performance Pulse for July 2017 store results.

July saw traffic decline just 5.5 percent year-over-year, the lowest monthly decline since January of 2016. Sales also experience a relatively low year-over-year decline of just 5.3 percent, buoyed in part by a 0.5 percent uptick in conversion, the second consecutive month of a slight bump upward. Shopper Yield (sales per shopper) fell 1.1 percent for the month, and was accompanied by 2.4 percent dip in Average Transaction Value (ATV).

The last weekend of July showed the strongest results in terms of sales, traffic, conversion and shopper yield, all reaching their monthly peaks on either Friday, July 28 or Saturday, July 29. Not surprisingly, low days of the month included the July 4 holiday and the very next day, July 5.

For a full reporting of physical store performance for the month of July 2017, please download your copy of the Retail Performance Pulse today.

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