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The Store of the Future [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Director, Content Marketing & Public Relations

Technology is driving the convergence of retail’s physical and digital channels, and the store of the future is already encompassing a variety of empowering technologies for shoppers.]

The store of the futureOne of the biggest trends in retail for 2015 is the rapid and continuing convergence of digital and physical channels. Done well, channels merge into a single, seamless, branded shopping experience for consumers. Done not so well, it devolves into a convoluted, frustrating customer experience, and one for which new shopper generations like Millennials have very little patience.

As retailers hurriedly work to define their new omnichannel retail solutions, technology innovations increasingly serve as bridges between channels. Every part of the shopping experience is being redefined by innovation, and mobile technology is empowering shoppers like never before. Retail is now a true 24×7 industry, and the shopper is in full control.

Below, please check out a nifty new infographic from our friends at Whisbi, and be sure to check out Whisbi’s blog

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