Retail Stores & Their Digital Awakening [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Director, Marketing

With technology having changed the rules of the retail game, tomorrow’s winners must transform the shopping experience, and the first step is a reboot of physical stores to make a better digital connection.

Technology has changed the way consumers shop and buy … everything. From hotel rooms to automobiles and transportation, the way we share and consume has forever changed. 

Digital AwakeningTechnology, of course, has made its impact on the retail industry too, but it hasn’t just stopped at
online, e-commerce. Mobile technologies have empowered shoppers, and shoppers are clearly in charge of their own shopping journeys, be it at home, on the go or even in the store.

So, technology has changed, and shoppers have adopted and adapted. But, what about retailers themselves?

Technology investments online have been heavy, but in store, eh, not so much. And the pain is being felt now, as gloomy headlines seem to fill the retail news.

Recently, Capgemini Consulting conducted a global survey of 6,000 consumers and 500 retailers, and the findings were rather startling. Consider: one-third of consumers would rather clean dishes than visit a retail store!

Capgemini’s infographic, “Making the Digital Connection: Why Physical Retail Stores Need a Reboot,” below, summarizes the expectations of shoppers and how winning retailers of the future will transform the shopping experience.

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Retail Store Research_DTI_Infographic