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RetailNext 4.5 In-Store Analytics Solution Now Available

Maria Fernandez Guajardo
Maria Fernandez Guajardo
Head of Products

Offers Largest Number of Data Sources & Analytics Sets via One Intuitive Platform

Exciting times over at RetailNext as today we announced the availability of RetailNext 4.5. The number of data sources available to brick-and-mortar retailers is growing every day, and the RetailNext platform is growing right with them as it accepts the largest number of analytics sets on a single platform in order to procure the most actionable insights.

The new release includes a patent-pending, queue analytics solution, and a new group of metrics focused on customer behavior and experience, further positioning RetailNext as the leading in-store analytics solution in the market. The platform empowers data-driven retail professionals across all departments and provides insights that address:

1. Customer behavior and experience – Available insights include:

2. Loss prevention – Available insights include:

3. Traffic counting and operation solutions – Available insights include:

Retailers benefit from having a ‘one-stop shop’ solution to better understand their shoppers, evaluate store performance, measure campaign effectiveness, and improve their business overall.

As Gartner Research VP Mim Burt said in a recent Hype Cycle, “Retailers should look for vendors that can tie all the real-time data sources together. They should also focus on those vendors that have the expertise and ability to manage the huge data streams from source systems across the channels.”

We couldn’t agree more!

For more information on the 4.5 new platform release, read our press release or contact