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RetailNext company growth

Tim Callan
Tim Callan
Chief Marketing Officer

RetailNext grows its team to serve its growing customer base.

RetailNext Company growth

One consequence of being the leader in a transformation technology category for an enormous, global industry (RetailNext, in-store analytics, and brick-and-mortar retail, respectively) is that you need to grow your team, sometimes quickly.  Therefore it's relevent that in the past two days we've seen coverage in the local Silicon Valley press about the growth we've been experiencing.

Yesterday the Silicon Valley Business Journal wrote a detailed story on the company's recent decision to sign a lease for an entire floor of a downtown San Jose office building.  As the BizJournal aptly puts it,

Analyzing shoppers' in-store habits is proving to be big business for San Jose-based RetailNext — so big, the six-year-old startup is moving up to much larger digs.

And today the San Jose Mercury News published bios of four of our executives who recently joined RetailNext or moved into Vice President roles:  Kenton D. Chow (COO), Maria Fernandez Guajardo (VP Product Management), Michael Manlapas (VP Business Development), and John Crimmins (VP Strategy).