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RetailNext Featured on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams

Suzanne Tran
Suzanne Tran
Director of Marketing Communications

RetailNext VP Shelley E. Kohan explains how retailers can leverage Wi-Fi to get more customers to come into and stay in the physical store

With just 8 shopping days left this year, national news coverage of how bargain hunters can find the best holiday deals has spiked in recent days. One way shoppers are finding last-minute deals is through omnichannel shopping, or shopping via all available channels, including in-store, online, and through their mobile devices, all at the same time. This shopping strategy is enabling retailers to provide shoppers with personalized campaigns, deals and coupons, and more product information through shoppers’ mobile devices while they are browsing in brick-and-mortar stores.

Last night, the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams called attention to the numerous deals and additional information shoppers can find through mobile apps, such as those by Best Buy, Target, and JC Penney, and how retailers are actually helping to push this information to the right shoppers while they are standing in their stores.

Macy’s representative Jennifer Kasper explains to NBC’s John Yang, “We can send customer notifications about the products that they love [to their mobile devices] as they are standing right near that product.”

The story continues by introducing RetailNext and how “RetailNext can follow a smartphone’s Wi-Fi signal to track traffic, even seeing how many people walk past the door,” in order to better understand shopper behavior. RetailNext VP of Retail Consulting Shelley E. Kohan explains, “With mobile device detection, we can get those numbers and we can [help retailers] understand…what do I need to do differently as a retailer to get more customers to come into the store?”

Brick-and-mortar retail professionals now have access to ecommerce-style analytics to gain deeper insights into repeat and new customer visits, time spent in the store, and the capture rate of pass by shoppers as well as many other insights. The ability to measure and correlate data from mobile devices coupled with an array of data sources enable marketing, merchandising, and store operations executives to uncover new insights needed to monitor, adjust, and push those holiday promotions or campaigns.

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