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A Better Picture with Xovis Sensors

Arun Nair
Arun Nair
RetailNext co-founder and CTO

RetailNext now integrates and supports Xovis sensors, continuing the company's commitment to further develop value-added solutions to its platform, and to better serve its retailing clients and their shoppers.

woman window shoppingEarlier in the week, RetailNext announced an expansion of its platform to add support for stereo cameras from Xovis, a Swiss-based company that has built an expertise in measuring passenger movement in airport terminals. It’s a new partnership that is exciting for both RetailNext and its retailer customers, as it provides much needed deployment options when it comes to hardware installations.

Looks good

Do you know how much it costs to build a retail store?

No, really, I’m asking, because all I know is it’s a lot.

Stores spend an inordinate amount of resources – time and money – on developing and cultivating a “look,” and you can’t add or install anything that detracts from the overall atmosphere and aesthetic. Even if it’s the best stereo camera in the world, if it’s not sleek, tiny and unobtrusive, it’s a no-go.

Retailers no longer have to worry about ugly or obtrusive when it comes to video analytics. The product offering from Xovis is packaged efficiently and in a small footprint, and what is there is pretty well-hidden in store ceilings.

Xovis PC2 3D Sensor

More than a pretty face

The Xovis sensors break new ground when it comes to covering ground. At a fairly typical 10-foot installation height, the standard Xovis PC2 model has 20% more horizontal coverage than typical stereo cameras seen in the market, and the PC2 “UL” model has almost 70 percent more coverage.

For retailers, this means fewer sensors/cameras on the ceiling and a smaller capital expenditure on hardware.

Also, as it relates to installation, the Xovis can go from seven feet with the PC2 all the way to 60 feet with its PC3 model, which makes it perfect for both retail and mall operators around the world.

Lastly, unlike other stereo sensors, the Xovis sensors can power advanced analytics functionality in RetailNext such as dwells, kinetic maps and multi-sensor Full Path Analysis.

Up and running

Xovis sensors are immaculately designed and manufactured, allowing for an easy out-of-box experience. For a retailer, that means no more time-consuming left-right lens tests to ensure lenses aren’t misaligned and other quality control issues.  

There is also a nice, easy set-up wizard to guide configuration of the cameras, and there’s no need to use outdated and obscure plug-ins to get the web UI to work. Installation is easier and more efficient, saving retail clients time and money.

With both hardware and software, Xovis owns all of its intellectual property and manufacturing, which affords it a great deal of flexibility. The company is able to work with both RetailNext and our client base on custom mounts and covers, and customized software enhancements take just days or weeks.

A growing space

As the in-store retail analytics space continues its rapid growth, the demand for new, emerging sensor technologies – like video analytics cameras – grows with it. The size of the sensor market is growing exponentially, and the resulting opportunity invites new competitors to enter the fray. The exciting output of that new competition is innovative new products like those offered by Xovis.

At RetailNext, we’ve built a hardware-agnostic software platform that works seamlessly with new technologies as they come to market, and it allows us to focus completely on providing our retailer clients with the solutions needed to best serve their shoppers. The new Xovis sensors coming online will further entrench RetailNext’s status as an industry standard in retail analytics.

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