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RetailNext site improvements rolled out

Tim Callan
Tim Callan
Chief Marketing Officer

Adds considerable content to help visitors gain the information they need.

I'm pleased to announce that we have greatly expanded the content available on our site to more readily give you the specific information you need.  In addition to revised Products and Technology sections, we have added an entire new section called Solutions, detailing the specific applications for the RetailNext platform and how it can help you.  This section of the site includes descriptions of how RetailNext serves your needs for people counting (traffic and conversion), Loss Prevention video recording, marketing and merchandising, staffing optimization, POS exception reporting, queue optimization, and consumer studies for manufacturers.



Our expanded content also includes information on Big Data for brick-and-mortar stores and expanded testimonials from our customers.  Of course, it still contains the information you enjoyed before, including our popular in-store analytics blog, upcoming events where you can and convenient access to the frequent press coverage of this expanding category and our award-winning platform.


I hope you enjoy the site revisions.  Feel free to leave a content if you have any specific feedback.