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Retailers: Reverse the Outcome of a Bad Sales Day with In-Store, Real-Time Alerts

Maria Fernandez Guajardo
Maria Fernandez Guajardo
Head of Products

How real-time alerts for low traffic or sales days can trigger social and mobile promotions to reach same day targets

In-store marketing campaigns are radically changing with the introduction of real-time technologies, such as real-time monitoring and alerts, social media, and mobile access to information within the physical store. In fact, in a recent report, The Intelligent Retailer’s World of Insight, analyst firm Retail Systems Research (RSR) found that 55% of retailers identified the store as the channel that could most benefit from real-time BI.

Previously, real-time marketing in brick-and-mortar stores was very limited. Print, TV, and in-store ads and campaigns needed to be planned well in advance; and shoppers would read their emails when they arrived back home (and not while still standing in the store).

Today, with real-time monitoring and alerts, in-store analytics can make marketing and management aware of low traffic stores immediately. And with social media and mobile access to information right at the shoppers’ fingertips, a marketing campaign can be triggered instantly.

Think of the possibilities! A manager receives an alert letting him know one of his stores is experiencing uncharacteristically low traffic or sales numbers on a certain day and time. To immediately reach the shoppers in that store, she activates a coupon, a BOGO, or a flash sale for the next hour via social media, mobile app, or email.

This opens up endless opportunities for marketing teams to influence and change the outcome of an otherwise bad sales day. Our VP of Strategy John Crimmins said it best in a recent DataInformed article: “We have taken the roof off the brick-and-mortar store.” Real-time technologies in physical stores are bringing us that much closer to matching the power of e-commerce analytics.

Soon, forward-thinking marketing teams in brick-and-mortar stores will be able to seamlessly participate in the “WIN THE DAY” mentality of an operations manager!