SEO Mistakes – Why Your Website is Not Working in Your Favor [INFOGRAPHIC]

Taylor Gemmet
Taylor Gemmet
Marketing Analyst

Creating quality content is only beneficial if users can find your site, which has a great deal to do with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking. Whether you’ve never tried to improve your SEO or if it is a primary focus for your business, there are common mistakes that can be easily fixed to make significant improvements, and it’s all about what is the best customer experience on your site.

With the rise of e-commerce, the need for all types of businesses to have an online presence is becoming a requirement for success, not just for large corporations. Currently, 97 percent of consumers go online to find and research local businesses; however, just the fact of having a website is not sufficient enough. Consumers are utilizing search engines, and 92 percent of searchers will only pick businesses on the first page. Therefore, it is key for websites to have a high SEO ranking so they are more likely to be clicked through.

A SEO ranking is a combination of many factors that Google populates, not only including keywords and backlinks, but also a user’s experience on the site. Factors that can impact a customer’s experience positively or negatively include mobile optimization, type of content, and the landing page. Not taking these into consideration are detrimental to your SEO ranking, and can create a negative impression on the customer, hurting your core business.

When designing a website, it is important to take the perspective of a customer on the site, as it can help create a website that has direction, purpose, and does not leave room for confusion. Creating a user-friendly website is important because it gives the best platform to showcase quality content with a seamless experience that is simplified for the user. Even if a website has quality content, a lack of this user-friendly interface can cause a low SEO ranking, which can cause such content to not have a high likelihood of being interacted with.

The infographic from Hosting Clues below highlights 25+ common SEO mistakes that can inhibit a high SEO ranking. Instead of solely focusing on keyword optimization or content, it’s key to remember the user experience and avoid these common mistakes to ensure a higher SEO ranking, allowing your website to be more viable for being organically found.

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