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Setting Marketing’s CX Autopilot

Jesus Sanchez
Jesus Sanchez
Head of Targeted Marketing & Mobile Engagement

Today’s retail marketers have more tools and channels than ever before, but instead of being more efficient and effective, many marketers struggle with a broken ecosystem of channels and data streams that rarely connect and deliver synergy.

Today’s retail marketers are tasked with the same responsibilities and accountabilities their predecessors were so many years ago – namely, raise the overall awareness and image of the brand, and drive traffic to the store. But, the tools available at the hands of retailers have changed dramatically by leaps and bounds.

SMS marketing image

Remember Sunday newspaper circulars? Or, rather, remember newspapers?

Retail marketers of yesteryear had various paid media like print, radio and television advertisements, billboards, in-mall and in-store signage and more. Each and every one of those tools are still available today, but aren’t nearly as valuable as they once were because of the incredible variety of supplemental communication channels, including email, SMS text and social media outlets the likes of Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and more.

So, today’s marketer has it easy, right?

Not so fast!

I speak to marketing professionals every day, and collectively, their single biggest challenge is making sense of wildly out of control and broken ecosystem of marketing solutions providers. Today’s retail marketer often has at least one vendor to manage each and every channel, and one nationwide omnichannel leader I recently spoke with has six vendors that collaborate on the SMS text channel alone!

Since when is a solution a solution if it causes more problems than it solves?

What retail marketers need is a simple solution that acts like a customer experience “autopilot.” In today’s modern aircraft, a pilot sets a course from point A to point B, establishes parameters on what altitude to fly and which geographic areas to avoid because of weather and the like, and then presses the “autopilot” button and lets the plane do the work.

Jumbo Jet landing

Retail marketing in the omnichannel world can be just as simple. By establishing an objective in a channel and setting parameters around the courses taken to achieve that objective, RetailNext’s Mobile Engage shopper engagement solution allows a marketer to “set it and forget it.” Machine learning hones and optimizes the solution toward the objective, and, of course, the marketing “pilot” can always grab the yoke and make manual corrections to the course at any time.

Retail marketers have it tougher than ever, and effective shopper engagement requires retailers to present targeted, relevant experiences that drive conversion, bumps up basket size, and increases average transaction values. I encourage you to download the Mobile Engage solution brief today to find out more about the only retail mobile marketing solution to leverage both online and in-store shopping behavior data to optimize personalized shopping experiences, allowing marketers to plan and execute with ease and at scale, with no app required and a simple, streamlined implementation that doesn’t require any scarce resources from already overworked IT departments.

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