Shopping Local & the Impact on Your Community [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Guest Contributor

Shopping locally not only provides jobs for neighbors and opportunities to build relationships with businesses, it also fuels the economic development engine as dollars stay in the community.

The holiday season is well upon us, and, except for those relatively rare occasions where consumers buy big ticket items like automobiles, appliances and the like, it’s the one season where many shoppers spend the most. As such, it’s a good time to remember how important shopping – and buying – locally is to the communities we live in.

Holiday season is the home of Small Business Saturday, a national promotion of small, locally-owned businesses created by American Express in 2010. And, while #SmallBizSaturday is huge – it rang up nearly $18 billion in sales at small businesses in the United States this year – and growing internationally, it’s popularity is waning – shopper traffic on Small Business Saturday has dropped from 112 million in 2016 to 104 million in 2018.

Small Business Saturday suffers against online competition and extreme price promotions from retailing giants. But, there can be a greater value to shopping locally than simply a price on a commodity good. Shopping locally drives employment, builds long-term relationships and spurs economic growth for the neighborhoods we live in. Check out “The Power of Shopping Local” infographic from Pink Coconut, below, to find out the impact your local spending has on your community.

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