The Economist on in-store analytics and RetailNext

Tim Callan
Tim Callan
Chief Marketing Officer

Describes customer implementation at American Apparel, with sales up “across the board”


This week's issue of The Economist includes a story on the bricks-and-mortar retail trend toward in-store analytics.  The story touches on a lot of themes, one of which is how RetailNext customers American Apparel and Gordmans have used RetailNext to improve store performance.  About American Apparel the article says,

Just knowing how many shoppers cross the threshold, and when, can be useful. American Apparel’s store managers thought they were busiest when sales peaked. They were typically off by two hours. Now the retailer gathers traffic data from cameras mounted above the doors and feeds that into its staff-scheduling software. When crowds come, the shops now have enough salespeople to serve them. As a result, sales are up “across the board”

And on RetailNext customer Gordmans, the article goes on to state,

Gordmans, a Midwestern department-store chain, discovered via video that goods at a particular display sold especially well. It changed the wares from home furnishings to higher-margin fashion items.