The Reality of Being a Retailer in 2017 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Director, Marketing

Once upon a time in retail, it made sense to think of the business in terms of channels. Retail’s new reality is a singular blended experience … or else.

There’s one fact – one singular truth – that all retail professionals have to accept: Retail has forever changed. True, the industry’s lone constant for over a century was its dynamic, ever-changing nature. But, those changes were all relative ripples in the vast ocean of retail.Two happy shoppers holding their new treasures

That was before the tsunami of change – technology. First came the internet, and with it vast amounts of information and the power to shop globally, instantly. Then came the proliferation of mobile devices, bringing the power of internet connectivity to our fingertips, either at home, on the go or even in-store.

As Steve Dennis has said, “The blended channel is the only channel.” In the new infographic below from our friends at CUBE, an in-depth look is taken at the critical need for retail to respond to changing shopper needs by blending physical and digital experiences.

What are you doing in 2017 to ensure your brand survives and thrives?

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The Reality of Being a Retailer In 2017 - infographic