The Science of Sensory Marketing in Retail [INFOGRAPHIC]

Talitha Loftus
Talitha Loftus
Marketing Manager

A huge part of the in-store shopping experience lies in the atmosphere and environment of the space itself, and the science behind store design and atmospherics makes a difference felt throughout the shopping journey.

Every shopper knows that a big part of the in-store retail experience is a store’s atmosphere and environment. Colors, sounds, materials, lighting and even fragrances (we’re looking at you
Abercrombie & Fitch) all make an impact on the shopping journey. Imperative to retailers is deciding first what you want shoppers to actually do in their in-store journeys, and secondly, choosing the right options of those available to facilitate your strategy.

Today, we take a closer look at data collected and analyzed by our friends at  The Lighting Superstore to bring you an infographic that explores the impact a stores environment has on your shoppers senses. We dive below the surface, to understand how sound, color, touch and smell plays a crucial role in retail branding and the in-store shopper journey.

Catch these simple techniques and tips to enhance the atmosphere of your store and deliver remarkable shopping experiences.  

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