The Smart Store’s IoT Sensor Platform

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Director, Marketing

The recent news buzz about Amazon Go has the retail industry a-buzz with discussions of deep learning, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other retail technology, and the foundational sensor layer for it all is already available in stores.

The Amazon Go news from last week rippled through all of retail, with retailers wondering – aloud – “What does Amazon Go mean for my shoppers and my business?”

What it means is that it is time to get serious about the smart store’s capabilities, particularly when it comes to eliminating points of friction in shopping journeys.

Let’s face it, retail’s digital channels continue to grow because they’re easy and convenient. When was the last time you ‘stood in line’ while shopping online?


Stores have long known they had friction points in their in-store shopping experiences, particularly with queues at checkout and the entire fitting room experience for apparel retailers. Solutions are no longer on the horizon – they are here, today, and they are empowered by the vast array of IoT technologies on the floor and in the store.

In the short video below, George Shaw provides a quick rundown on the sensor platform that provides the data for stores – like Amazon Go – to create optimal shopping experiences for their customers.

The Smart Store’s IoT Sensor Platform from RetailNext on Vimeo.

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