Tips on Writing a Retail Blog That Works

Susan Saurel

A regularly updated blog can be a tremendous asset to your retailing business, driving shopper traffic to your site and subsequently your stores, building brand identity, and promoting long-term customer relationships.

Whether you already have a blog or you just have a brand you want to further build upon, you know an effective blog attracts a lot of visitors. What is important is that a blog is an easy way to connect with your shoppers and share news or insights about your products and services.

A blog makes the connection between your business and potential customers. And even if not all blog visitors turn into customers, a retail blog done right raises awareness and helps create your brand’s identity.

So, how should you build your blog? What information should it include and how should you best present it? Here are some tips that will help you build a retail blog that works.

Share Your Newest Products

To get in touch with your shoppers and customers, you can start by showing them your newest products. Exclusivity is often what triggers people to act, so start showing your newest products and highlight what makes them unique. Select carefully which one(s) to present and then let the customers access your website and visit your store to see all the products they can select.

People like being the first ones who find out about the best deals and the most unique products, so emphasize the uniqueness of your products. An aspect to take into consideration is the season. Always adapt the products that you are promoting on your website to the season.

Answer Customer Questions

A great way to build a strong relationship between your brand and your customers is to answer frequently asked questions. You can look in the comments to get an idea of what questions customers ask. Remember that it is important to engage with customers and shoppers. Presenting your brand is an important part, of course, but it should not be only about this.

Responding to customers is about giving your customers the information they need. Maybe they want details about the delivery of the products. Or about the payment. Or about the order. Make it a point to always answer any questions left in the comments section and engage with your shoppers. This will lead them trust you.

Also, you can build a special section on your blog where you can gather and post the most common questions and answers. This will save you the effort of answering the same question over and over again.

Engage with Customers

What better way to engage with customers than answering their questions? Well, there is one more method that can help to promote your retail business.

Raise the level of engagement with your shoppers by creating promotions and giveaways. To take part in the contest, customers will need to do something. Whether they have to comment, reshare Instagram stories, or use a tag, you decide.

One great idea would be to share one article on your blog on their social media accounts. Like this, you can increase your visibility and popularity among customers and their friends.

Write Interesting and Industry-Related Articles for Customers

A blog implies having articles, so you need to write some. But what topics should you talk about? You can highlight the latest trends from the industry and talk about style. Show your customers that you have an eye for the latest news related to your industry segment and the lifestyles of your targeted consumers.

But, not everyone has a creative side that creates blog articles instantly. Some of us might not be able to write their ideas, so a little help is welcomed. You do not have to buy essays online. You can write a draft, even if is not the best version you can create.

You can enlist the services of a professional writing service or dissertation writing services. They can help you structure your ideas and edit and proofread your drafts. As time passes, you will become better at writing articles that engage your shoppers and helps you connect with them.

The closer you are to your customers, the more inclined to buy products from you and not from your competitors they will be.

Target Keywords

Writing interesting and industry-related articles to engage customers is one way to best use your retail blog. Another way is to target keywords to attract more shoppers to your blog and website.

A retail blog will help you maintain a connection with your shoppers, but it is also an opportunity to promote your brand and attract new customers. Targeting keywords is what you need to do. How can you do this? By researching before posting any article on your blog.

Think about what keyword phrases are linked to your industry and are likely to bring more traffic to your blog. You can find these phrases using Google Trends and Google Suggest. Use these keywords in titles and meta descriptions.

Like this, your brand will be found easier by new shoppers and domain-interested customers.

Use Humor and Be Personal

Avoid establishing too formal of a connection with your customers. Of course, it is important to show reciprocal respect, but an informal approach will bring you more constant visitors. Answer their questions with humor. Humorously present your products. If you bring a smile on their face, you are one step closer to success.

Choose to communicate your ideas to your readers in an informal tone. A lot of businesses have a cold and distant way of sending information, thus keeping the interaction formal. With a friendly and warm approach, you will win more customers.


There are many aspects to take into consideration when crafting your retail blog. Of course, you can always include a shop section or can link to one on your website. Regardless, an effective retail blog completes the main website.

Blog posts offer your shoppers insights about your products and your views about trends and style. It also can transform readers into customers, if done correctly.

Also, do not forget to use humor and be personal. Stay in touch with your customers and answer their questions in comments using an informal style. Always engage them and write various articles for your shoppers targeting keywords.

All these actions might seem small on their own, but taken together they can help you build your business branding, and this can only bring more success to your retail business.

About the writer: Susan Saurel is a full-time digital marketer and one of the professional essay writers famous for her Speedypaper review. Susan lives in Houston, Texas, but she spends most of her spare time traveling around the globe and meeting new people and cultures. As a passionate marketer, Susan is eager to share the professional experience with her readers.

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