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Top 5 News & Trend Roundups from NRF14

Suzanne Tran
Suzanne Tran
Director of Marketing Communications

Back from Retail’s Big Show and don’t know where to begin? Here are the top 5 roundups from NRF 2014 to help you settle back in.


Welcome back all! We’ve all returned (and hopefully recovered by now) from another invigorating and inspiring NRF show, but now what? To help make sense of the whirlwind that is Retail’s BIG Show, the best of the best retail trade magazines and websites put together excellent NRF 2014 news and trends roundups. Here are the Top 5 #NRF14 Roundups this year (in no particular order):

And just in case you missed them, here are RetailNext’s Top 5 new customer, product, partner, and holiday data announcements from the show floor:

Before you get back to work and start planning NRF 2015 (kidding, but not really), we’ll leave you with a few words of wisdom to mull over from the Gartner analysts at this year’s show:

“Optimization efforts are usually done in silos, but the problem is that all benefits are not being fully realized because some efforts cancel each other out and the balance sheet blows up. Optimization efforts need to be managed holistically to achieve real benefits.”
— Kevin Sterneckert, Gartner, NRF 2014

“I don’t use the word omnichannel retail. If you have to call it something, maybe channel agnostic is best.” — Jeff Roster, Gartner, NRF 2014

“I have never understood why we call a store a non-digital channel, because there is quite a lot of digital technology in a store.” — John Davison, Gartner, NRF 2014

And with that, we’d like to extend our thanks to you for helping make this year’s NRF an exciting and successful one. See you at NRF 2015!