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Tyco Retail Solutions announces partnership with RetailNext

Tim Callan
Tim Callan
Chief Marketing Officer

Considers RetailNext “the most sophisticated traffic analytics on the market” and joined by Brickstream in announcing RetailNext partnerships

Last week at the NRF annual conference and expo,Tyco Retail Solutions issued a press release announcing its relationship with RetailNext.  The Tyco-RetailNext partnership press release states that Tyco will offer RetailNext as its source of advanced traffic analytics.  Tyco VP and GM Nancy Chisholm describes RetailNext as a natural extension of the Tyco analytics suite, offering its customers “more options for understanding how traffic impacts their businesses,” enabling them to focus on improving store operations and profitability.  Chisholm describes RetailNext as “the most sophisticated traffic analytics on the market.”


Greg Girard, Program Director at IDC Retail Insights had this response to Tyco's announcement of the partnership,

Successful retailing now requires setting stores in the mainstream of omni-channel commerce as places where the consumer's digital and physical engagements with the brand converge.  Instrumenting stores with video and other advanced analytics is emerging as a key capability for making this happen.  Store analytics will soon be seen as the omni-channel complement to web analytics for customer-centric merchandising, customer service, and operations in stores.


On what turned out to be a busy day for RetailNext partnership announcements, analytics device provider Brickstream also announced its partnership with RetailNext.