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Webinar Preview: Dynamic Foot Traffic

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Director, Content Marketing & Public Relations

In retail, mobile goes well beyond just POS, and now includes opportunities both for engaging shoppers and measuring localized path-to-purchase traffic behavior.

Dynamic Foot TrafficTraffic counts have been around since the beginning of retail. While the methods of counting have evolved from simple observation to high tech video analytics, the measure of front door traffic has been a staple, and it’s a critical, foundation retail metric.

Traffic, however, is no longer just “how many” customers are entering the store. The new age of traffic, what RetailNext calls Traffic 2.0, allows retailers to gain a better understanding of their shoppers beyond the “how many,” and more into “who,” “from where,” “what are they doing,” and “why are they buying (or not buying).”

Traffic 2.0 provide a better understanding of a retailer’s shoppers – who they are and how they behave and why – and a better understanding of shoppers allow for the creation of better shopper-centric strategies and tactics.

And, there’s more.

On top of today’s robust traffic counting platform, there is an opportunity to interact with shoppers in real-time, and opening a dialogue between store and shopper, and doing so in a manner that increases key performance metrics from sales to service and customer experience.

In the October installment of RetailNext’s webinar series, Dynamic Foot Traffic:  Proximity Marketing and Real-Time Metrics to Lift Sales and Services, attendees will take a deep dive into the new “5th P of Marketing,” Proximity, and how mobile devices provide retailers a newfound ability to measure and dynamically influence store traffic.

Jeremy Geiger, CEO and founder of Retailigence, will join Bryan Wargo, head of sales for RetailNext, in facilitating the webinar, scheduled for Tuesday, October 14, at 11:00 am PDT. During the webinar, they will cover concepts and case studies that will include:

Mobile technologies are redefining retail, and new best practices are rapidly emerging. Join us for the October webinar to find how your retail organization can best benefit. 

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